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Natural Honey 2 kg + 250g Free

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A small amount of chemical-free, pure Natural honey is something that no one would pass up. We are giving away 250g of this delicious multifloral honey in this package for free. Now, you can take care of your taste buds while our honey mixture takes care of your daily health. This Natural honey is NMR-tested and FSSAI-approved, ensuring it will never fail you.

Country of Origin: India
  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Reduces Weight

  • Anti-Oxidant

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Builds Strong Immunity

Helps in Weight Loss


Goodness of Natural Honey

Antioxidant Properties

A study on the antioxidant qualities of honey revealed that natural honey contains a variety of nutrients and enzymes, that protect the body from a variety of chronic diseases. Consuming our Natural Honey instead of artificial sweeteners can also protect the body from oxidative stress.

Useful in Weight Management

Nutritionists reveal that natural honey burns fat when you are sleeping. Consuming a teaspoon of natural honey before bed is always recommended. Natural Honey from Nature's Nectar is unadulterated, making it an ideal food for losing weight and enhancing general health. You can also have our pure honey in the morning in an empty stomach with a glass of warm lemon water.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Studies on honey and wound care have revealed that natural honey is most beneficial for treating partial thickness burns and infected wounds. Researchers hypothesise that honey's curative properties are a result of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Natural Honey from Nature's Nectar is rich in anti-inflammatory characteristics with potentials to treat skin disorders.

How we use Natural Honey?

The sweetness of natural honey can make it an excellent substitute for sugar, and research indicates that using honey instead of sugar may provide numerous benefits. Wondering what else you may use our 100% pure Natural Honey for? Here is the answer: add it to milk, yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal, muffin or cupcake batter, pancake dripping, etc. It can be substituted for refined sugar in recipes with similar results; however, less is needed, and the flavour is enhanced.


Reduces Weight


Customer Reviews

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Our Compliances & Certifications


Our Customers Speak For Us

At Nature's Nectar, our customers play a pivotal role, and their satisfaction is imperative to us. Read what our customers have to say about us

Jayprakash Giri
Civil Engineer

Best taste , boost energy in morning. Best one for first take in during morning.

Jayaraman K

Since last 3times I have been continuously using your hone. I just love it from taste and health angle.

Business Man

I feel that amongst the different brands honey I have used ever, this product is the best and found nearest to the natural honey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is multi floral honey?

Multi floral honey is a form of honey where bees collect the nectar from more than one flower, like eucalyptus, mustard, sunflower, etc., to make honey in the comb. Our natural honey is obtained directly from the bees and has a lovely aroma, a creamy look, and a distinct flavour derived from the nectar of many flowers. This multi-floral honey has a gorgeous golden hue and is typically not very thick due to the absence of additional chemicals or pesticides.

Where does your natural honey come from?

Our honey is ethically sourced from dense forests with little human interference and an ideal honeybee environment. Our Natural Honey is collected from the eucalyptus and mustard vegetation in regions like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, etc., of North India. Our dedicated beekeepers work hard to extract pure honey without harming the bees.

In what kind of packs does your honey come? Is it leak proof?

Currently, honey is packaged in glass or plastic bottles/jars, and we use thermocols, and bubble wraps to provide additional protection for your orders. Every broken or spilt container destroys the labour of thousands of bees and beekeepers; thus, we make every effort to ensure your order arrives undamaged. Yes, our jars are leak-proof, and we also have adorable honey packets with squeezable lids to prevent spilling during transport or by children, making it fully mess-free.

How can I test the purity of my Natural honey?

In light of the widespread reports and news about contaminated or artificial honey, knowledge about the authenticity of honey is essential. Because of this, many internet demonstrations and word-of-mouth transmissions of home testing techniques exist. None of these approaches indicates honey's quality, purity, production, etc. It must be lab-tested, which might be expensive or unaffordable for many. We've done these tests, including a sample NMR Certificate and QR Code with every item. This verifies our honey's purity.

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