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Nature's Nectar Special Honey Combo
Nature's Nectar Special Honey Combo
Nature's Nectar Special Honey Combo
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Nature's Nectar Special Honey Combo

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You need Natural Honey to sweeten your food, organic honey for a few additional health benefits, and Jamun Honey to maintain that summery atmosphere. However, purchasing all these items separately will undoubtedly strain your wallet. Therefore, Nature's Nectar created this Special Honey Combo containing all your favourite kinds of honey in one package. Grab any bottle at any time to improve your attitude and health.

  • Natural honey 500gm
  • Jamun honey 400gm
  • Organic honey 400gm
Country of Origin: India
  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Improves Vitality

  • Improves Digestion

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Reduces Weight

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NPOP Certified

NMR Tested

FSSAI Approved

Goodness of Special Honey Combo

Useful in Weight Management

According to various authors and nutritionists, honey burns fat while you sleep. Before bed, doctors recommend consuming a teaspoon of our pure natural or organic honey. Honey from Nature's Nectar is unadulterated, making it an ideal food for losing weight and enhancing general health. You can also drink our pure honey in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of warm lemon water.

Good Source of Antioxidants

This unique honey combination comprises a variety of plant compounds with antioxidant properties—antioxidants aid in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals. According to research, polyphenols, which are antioxidant molecules found in honey, may protect against various illnesses connected with oxidative stress. Honey from Nature's Nectar offers potential respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and nervous system benefits.


This honey combination has anti-inflammatory effects that aid in the fight against pathogens and protect the body from infections and swellings. Additionally, it treats and heals wounds. It only acts as a barrier between your injury and bacteria entering it, accelerating wound healing. It also decreases inflammation and pain.

Why Select this Special Honey Combo?

Different kinds of honey offer myriad health benefits! Everyone desires to keep their diseases and troubles at bay, but is it practically viable to order every type of honey for every issue? No! Then why not choose a unique package designed with all your needs in mind that won't deplete your pocketbook too much? We guarantee that you will never regret choosing this package and taking the sweetest care of your family's health. Now, accept desserts, baked goods, and treats.


Improves Digestion


Customer Reviews

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Our Customers Speak For Us

At Nature's Nectar, our customers play a pivotal role, and their satisfaction is imperative to us. Read what our customers have to say about us

Jayprakash Giri
Civil Engineer

Best taste , boost energy in morning. Best one for first take in during morning.

Jayaraman K

Since last 3times I have been continuously using your hone. I just love it from taste and health angle.

Business Man

I feel that amongst the different brands honey I have used ever, this product is the best and found nearest to the natural honey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test the purity of your honey?

Everyone wants to know whether their honey is pure or not, especially when the reports and news of adulterated or artificial is flooding everywhere. Although you will find lots of home testing methods demonstrated online or being passed around by word of mouth, but do not trust these! None of these methods will tell you much about the honey’s quality, purity, production, etc. Basically, it has to be tested in a lab and they much cost much or even make it unapproachable for many. So, we have done these tests already and even providing a sample of NMR Certificate and QR Code with every pack you order. That’s how you can get confirmed about the purity of our honey!

Do you pasteurize your honey?

No. Heating or pasteurizing honey weakens or destroys beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. So, we do not heat or do any kind of pasteurization to our ethically sourced honey. It just goes through a manual filtration process before packaging that too to remove any big or excess pollens and other materials from the hive. It is packed straight from the hives and with its naturally occurring goodness. Fully organic!

How can I store this large amount of honey, so that it doesn’t get spoiled?

The storing way must do nothing with amount of honey. It can be stored the same way you store any single pack of honey. Keep it in the original jar it comes in and store in room temperature. Close the lid tightly after every use and avoid keeping it in extremely hot temperature. Do not refrigerate it as well. And, for your information, honey never spoils, it just crystallizes with time which is very normal.

How to get rid of crystallized honey?

Crystallization of honey is a very normal process and, it shows that this honey is 100% pure and has no added synthetic sugars. Most of the time in winters, you will get to see your honey settling down in the jar. So, you can scoop out honey with your spoon and keep it in low flame and you will see it coming back to its usual consistency.

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