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Traceable Straight to the Beehives

The purity of honey is encountered with three major problems namely - antibiotics, adulteration withC3 and C4 sugars (sugar cane, corn and rice sugars) and pesticide residue. While many brands claim that their honey is free from any kind of impurity, Nature’s Nectar stands out from the crowd by providing proof of its product's purity and the entire chain of its traceability. Nature’s Nectar is one of the few brands in the countrywhich clears the NMR test.

Nature’s Nectar sources honey from all over the country - from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to AssamWith an experience in exporting honey for the last 26 years, it is associated directly with over 30,000 beekeepers,who are trained by the company as well aspaid fairly since there are no middlemen involved in the process. The honey travels through a straight path – from the beekeepers to Nature's Nectar's facility.The brand's sourcing mantra can be found on every bottle of honey. For example, Nature's Nectar's Tulsi Honey comes with a description that states that it is sourced from the Holy Tulsi plant fromthe Central State of Madhya Pradesh.

In addition, Nature’s Nectar also provides an NMR report with every bottle of honey to its customers. NMR stands for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, which is the most high-tech test currently available for adulterationcheck.This report is available to every consumer with just a scan of the QR code present on each bottle. Apart from the NMR report, several in other tests such as antibiotics, pesticides, residue etc. are also conducted along with many tests from an external German laboratory to ensure 100% purity and safety of the honey.

Kejriwal bee care owner of Natures-Nectar brand isthe first True Source certified company in the world. True Source Honey, USA is a not-for-profit organization launched in 2011 by a group of honey companies and importers to call attention to the problem of illegally sourced honey. The owner of Nature’s Nectar, Mr Prakash Kejriwalis the Vice-President of True Source Honey Board, which adds to the authenticity of the product.

Since the same product is sold in the domestic market as well as abroad, Nature's Nectar not only abides by the FSSAI regulations but also international food standards. Such stringent purity tests, state-of-the-art infrastructure and association with over 30,000 beekeepers in the country are the reasons that have made them not only the biggest exporters of honey fromIndia but also one of the most trustedhoney processor in the world.



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