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Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
Honeychew 20g
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Honeychew 20g

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Honeychew is Nature's Nectar's distinctive and delicious natural honey candy in tangy flavours. This no-sugar candy with the goodness of 100% pure honey is an excellent substitute for junk food for your kids. Available in five distinct flavours - Ginger-Lemon, Mango, Natural, Orange, and Peppermint, Honeychew is loved by children, adults, and seniors alike. Each of these ready-to-eat honey candies is both yummy and nutritious.

    Country of Origin: India
    • Energy-Booster

    • Healthy

    • Improves Digestion

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    Unique Flavours

    Zero Fat – Zero Cholesterol

    Easy to Carry

    Goodness of Honeychew

    Relieves Cough and Cold (Ginger-Lemon)

    The candy's combination of honey, ginger, and lemon functions as an expectorant and can provide relief from cough, cold, sore throat, etc. These candies can activate the immune system and provide significant relief from flu-related congestion.

    Rich in Nutrients (Mango)

    Mango contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, fibre and unique micronutrients. So, when combined with healthy honey, it creates wonders to your body. It improves certain chronic disease risk factors including glucose levels and inflammation.

    Full of Antioxidants (Orange)

    Shield your little one’s body from free radical damage by providing orange honey candies. It is abundant in antioxidant capabilities, which minimise the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular or degenerative nerve and muscle diseases induced by oxidative stress.

    Reduces Stress (Peppermint)

    Because peppermint has natural sedative properties that help you unwind after a long day, peppermint honey candy can be a terrific method to relieve stress and promote general well-being and tranquilly. It lowers your general body temperature, allows your body to rest, and promotes a mood of calmness when consumed.

    Boosts energy (Natural)

    Honeychew candies are an excellent source of carbs and vitamins. Thus, these can be ingested for an instant energy boost. You may always have one sachet in your purse, and if you feel dizzy or low on sugar, you can consume it to experience a twofold increase in energy.

    Why Nature’s Nectar Honeychew?

    Healthy, guilt-free, gourmet energy snacks are gaining in popularity, particularly among working professionals, athletes, and other individuals seeking a rapid energy boost. These Nature's Nectar honey candies contain the exact amount of nutrients your body needs. We offer it in five distinct tastes, including orange, mango, natural, peppermint, and ginger-lemon. It is the ideal low-fat and cholesterol-free substitute for junk food and snacks. It is also the greatest choice for children who regularly consume sugar-laden candy. So, good health and tasty treats to satiate your sweet craving are now within reach. Get your favourite flavours now.

    Relieves Cold & Cough

    Improves Digestion

    Reduces Stress

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    Our Customers Speak For Us

    At Nature's Nectar, our customers play a pivotal role, and their satisfaction is imperative to us. Read what our customers have to say about us

    Jayprakash Giri
    Civil Engineer

    Best taste , boost energy in morning. Best one for first take in during morning.

    Jayaraman K

    Since last 3times I have been continuously using your hone. I just love it from taste and health angle.

    Business Man

    I feel that amongst the different brands honey I have used ever, this product is the best and found nearest to the natural honey.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Is your honey candy gluten-free?

    Nowadays, people prefer eating gluten-free foods only, whatever they may be. And we appreciate that quality as you are shielding yourself from various diseases. So, we also make our honeychew gluten-free. These are made with all-natural flavours and no added chemicals. These are also safe for those who follow a strict diet chart.

    What kind of ingredients are used in these honey candies?

    Each of the ingredients that we choose has definite nutritive value. We avoid using components that contribute towards lousy cholesterol. We only use our manually extracted pure honey and all-natural flavours of the fruits to enhance their nutritional value and taste. We avoid using any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavouring agents.

    Can kids have these honey candies in school or playground?

    These honey candies are made with 100% natural ingredients and are packed in spill-proof, mess-free and easy-to-carry sachets. These are perfect nutritious treats for kids. They can carry it easily to schools, playgrounds, or anywhere they want to, just like their chocolate bars or candies. Just tear, squeeze, pull and relish it!

    What is the shelf life of your honeychew?

    For the best quality and original taste, these honey candies should be consumed with the ‘best before:’ date printed on each sachet. Although honey is spoil-free, it is better to use these candies before the ‘expiry’ date.

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