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Is Your Honey Pure? Try These Honey Purity Tests at Home!

One of the concerns that you have when you buy honey is whether it is pure. Some companies add adulterants like molasses, liquid glucose, and invert sugar. But there are some ways by which you can check if the honey is adulterated.

Want to know how you can check the purity of honey at home?

First, you can try the simple solubility test in which you need a glass of water and honey. Take a glass of water and to this add the honey. Make sure that you add the honey slowly. If the honey does not dissolve in water and reaches the bottom of the glass then it is said that the honey is pure.

But you may get false results on this test as some adulterants make the consistency of the honey thick and give false results.

With a flame test, you can check if water has been added to the honey. Dip the matchstick in honey and then light the matchstick. Pure honey ignites instantly. But here again, if adulterants that are thick and have less moisture are added then you can get false results.

You can also try the vinegar test to check the purity of honey. Add a little honey to a glass of vinegar and if the mixture begins to foam then the honey is adulterated.

In the honey blot test, a small amount of honey is poured on blotting paper. In the case of pure honey, the honey flows through the blotting paper and does not wet the paper. If the honey is absorbed then the honey is fake. But with certain adulterants, you might get false results if this test.

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