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Honey-Delicious Way of Reducing Cough and Cold

One grandma’s remedy that is being used for cough and cold relief is honey. But does this natural sweetener cure cough and cold?  How one can have honey to reduce cough and cold symptoms?

How is honey able to give relief from cough and cold?

Even you may have experienced many times that having a spoonful of honey calms down the cough. You might also have found that there is significant relief from cold after the consumption of honey.

One of the probable reasons that honey cures cough and cold is that this sweet natural substance has antimicrobial properties. Honey has ingredients that fight cold-causing pathogens and gives relief to the patient.

Also honey is a thick and viscous fluid and so when you have honey it coats the inner lining of the throat. Due to this, the patient gets relief from throat irritation. Honey is also known to have ingredients that help in reducing inflammation. So, it might also be able to reduce the redness and inflammation of the sore throat.

There is one more probability that is considered when we talk about how honey might be able to give relief from colds and coughs. If you have observed most of the cough syrups are sweet.

Now the interesting part is that the part of the brain that is in control of sweetness is close to the part of the brain that controls cough. So, there might be a possibility that there is some interaction of neurotransmitters which helps in calming down the cough in response to the sugary flavor of honey.

What are the different ways in which you can have honey to reduce cough and cold?

You can simply have one or two tablespoons of honey directly if you are experiencing a cough and are suffering from a cold. Some people add a little turmeric powder to honey mix it well and then have this mixture. Honey has antimicrobial properties and turmeric has antiseptic properties which may help in reducing cough symptoms.

Having a concoction of warm water, honey and lemon can also have a soothing effect on the irritating throat. You can also make ginger tea using honey and have this mixture if you are suffering from a cough or cold. For this, you can grate fresh ginger in water or add dry ginger powder to water and boil it. Add honey and mix well and your ginger tea is ready.

A few important instructions that you just cannot ignore:

So, there are many ways in which you can have honey to reduce cough and cold. But a few words of precaution are that do not give honey to children less than 1 year. Also, make sure that you treat your cough and cold with honey but at the same time take the advice of your doctor and have the medicines prescribed by him.

Finally, make sure that you are using the best quality, honey. Because only then you can get the desired results. So, choose pure organic honey from Nature’s Nectar.



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