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Explore the different varieties of honey

Honey is that one natural sweetener that everyone loves. It has health benefits and a wide range of nutrients. But did you know that there are different varieties of this golden sweet liquid? Check out the different varieties of honey right here!

Presenting some of the varieties of honey:

The differentiation of the honey is done based on the color, flavor and origin of the honey. Origin means the flower nectar that has been used for the honey. The different varieties of honey contain glucose and fructose in different proportions and different natural substances based on the kind of nectar.

Now the 3 basic varieties of honey are single-origin, multi-flower and local. In the case of single-origin honey, the nectar comes from one specific plant. Acacia honey, Jamun honey, and tulsi honey are some examples of single-origin honey which is also known as uniflora honey or monofloral honey. This is a unique honey as it has only one source of pollen

In the case of multi-flower honey, the honey bees collect the nectar from different flowers like different types of wildflowers. In the case of local honey, the nectar comes from plants in a specific region or territory.

One important thing to be noted here is that the origin of the honey influences its color and flavor of the honey.


Check out the different colors and flavors of honey:

The dark-coloured honey has a very strong aroma. The aroma of the dark variety honey is very distinct and this honey is less sweet.

The light-colored honey varieties come in different colors. The color can be white to pale yellow or orange etc. This type of honey has a mild flavor as compared to dark honey.

Buy the best quality honey for the health of your family!

Now that you know the main types of honey the next thing that you need to do is buy the best quality, honey. The price of honey varies for the different varieties of honey. Now one important thing that you need to keep in mind is to buy honey from a reliable source.

You need to ensure that the company is supplying authentic honey which is pure and has natural goodness and health benefits. These days you can buy good quality online at the best rates. Just compare the different varieties of honey and choose one that has the best health benefits.

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Honey is classified primarily based on its origin into unifloral and multi-floral honey. Honey is available in different colors and tastes which depends on the origin of the honey. Get the best quality unifloral as well as multifloral honey on Nature’s Nectar.



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